PrismaNote for Brands

Reach more customers through jewellers

Increase your revenues in a few clicks

As omni-channel retailing gets more and more important. Many jewellers got problems with managing their website next to their shops. Therefore PrismaNote developed a great solution to build a jeweller web-environment. Our platform is also the solution for managing your dealernetwork aswell increasing your revenue.


Share product information and increase your sales market and outlets without having to supply inventory!

Social media campaigns

Provide jewellers with social media updates of your brands and reach customers through their channels.

Promotion channel

Use our consumer platform to display your brands. Share news, updates and promotions.

We provide the tools, a network, a market…

Use it to your advantage!

Boost your sales and achieve your goals

As a watch brand you want to make the most out of your products. Your company wants to grow and explore the limits. Why not have a look at the attractive Dutch market.

How to sell abroad
– Entering the Dutch market with PrismaNote

Our goal is to help you sell more

Marketing support

We understand that entering a new market may seem time-intensive and might not fit with your current marketing approach. This does not have to be the case, we enable you to generate more sales while it costs you minimal effort. We already have the distribution network, you just have to choose who you want to approach!

No new market entry is complete without a solid marketing strategy. Making this strategy for a new country requires a lot of research. So why re-invent the wheel? Our marketing team is updated with the latest developments in the market and can assist you in any way you want. This varies from market advice to making the entire marketing plan.

It all depends on your needs, but we are here for you.

Marketing services

Our marketing services are all present in our unique platform: PrismaNote. This platform contains all you need to successfully serve a market. These are some of the many possibilities: direct contact with jewelers, a clear marketing planner and calendar, complete marketing campaigns, a unified social media approach and dropshipping.

Our goal is to help you sell more, so make an appointment below to explore the options!