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Increase your sales
and lower your conversion costs.

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Target the right consumers.

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Share marketing costs with your dealer network.

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No knowledge of online advertising needed.

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1. Target consumers near your dealers.

Invite dealers to join your online campaign on PrismaNote. In this way, you will know exactly which jewelers actively invest in your brand. Your campaign will be nationally promoted to maintain a big target group and keep low CPM costs.

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2. Let dealers approach the same consumer.

By using data of visitors on the launching page, you can choose to set up retarget campaigns. The PrismaNote team can do this on the pages of your dealers. In this way, the advertisment will be shown again to interested consumers, but now by means of your dealers’ channels. An active approach that will convince someone to vist the store.

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3. Share photos and videos for Social Media channels

With PrismaNote you can also easily share images for the Social Media of your dealers. In this way you get more reach with the created content and you help the retailer to sell more of your products. The more your content is shared, the more enthusiastic your dealer becomes. Your sales will turn it out!

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4. Share blogs for the jewelers’ website

Do you have a new collection or a new video? Share this as a blog with your dealers. With PrismaNote, they can add this to their website with just one click. You will inspire jewelers to let more consumers take a look at your products in their shop. In the end, the jeweler is still seen as the expert in the field of watches and jewelry.

Marketing together with your dealer network.

Reach more consumers by means of your dealer network. By creating good content, jewelers can easily promote your brand themselves. They can share your content on their own website without knowledge of coding. A jeweler can also actively promote your content through their social media channels without knowledge of online advertising. Enlarge your marketing effect by working with PrismaNote and lower your conversion costs.


Build your brand by sharing product information and connecting with the systems of your dealers.