What is PrismaNote for jewellers?

For whom is PrismaNote?

For the jeweller:

– who has no website yet.
– who has a website, but is not linked to the physical store and stock.
– who has both a website and a webshop, but wants to get more out of it.

How does PrismaNote works?

PrismaNote offers IT solutions for the jeweller with a store. This means helping you sell more offline (in store) as well as online (webshop / website / social media). You either choose for a total solution, or components (modules) that make it easier for you to combine online with offline sales and marketing.

What's in it for me?

– More customers that are seeking and ordering on the internet will ending up at your store.
– Keep in touch with your customers via newsletter and customer-oriented actions.
– Less time spending on ICT, inventory management, putting products online etc.

So more sales with less effort!

How much is it?

Every jeweler is unique and has its own specific needs. Together, we assess your situation and set short and long term goals. And how we can achieve them. Every improvement is a step towards better success.

You can already join from € 750,- (for a website) with € 0,- service fee per month. Do you already have a website? Then we will see optional if it can be further improved.

What services does PrismaNote offer?

PrismaNote offers a complete online & offline solution for the jeweler. Consisting of several hardware and software tools.


Voorbeelden van software:

1. Totale ERP applicatie
2. E-commerce
3. Social Media Toolbox
4. CRM systeem

Voorbeelden van hardware:

1. Computers & Tablet PC’s
2. Printers (labels en bonnen)
3. Camera en fotobox
4. Klantenteller
5. Registratie/foto t.b.h. reparatie
6. Handtekening PAD
In overleg kiest u welke onderdelen voor u interessant zijn.

What does the PrismaNote platform means?

PrismaNote.com is a website with a huge database. It contains not only information about all jewelers in the Netherlands, but also product information from almost all brands. This allows you to realize your proshop (website with shop) quickly, including your range of products. An example of Proshops within PrismaNote: juwelierbos.nl

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