Jewellers puts shoulder to shoulder

The advent of the internet has posed challenges for retailers. How does the retail remain relevant for the consumer? More and more retailers are closing their doors, because a digital transition is expensive and complicated. That is why the jeweller industry join forces. In this blog we explain how PrismaNote works and why it is so different from other systems.

The sketch below shows how the retailer uses PrismaNote. Shared processes are automated, while each party retains its independence and can continue to distinguish itself from its competitor.

The complete store system

What does this mean for the jeweler? With PrismaNote you have all the solutions needed in one system:

  • Cash register
  • Webshop
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Processing repairs
  • Statistics
  • Marketing

Of course you can also print receipts and labels and, for example, let employees use the system. In addition, the cash register works both on your current desktop and on a tablet.

You can also create and maintain the website yourself without knowledge of coding. You save a lot of time because your stock is displayed directly on your website. This is important because 1 in 4 consumers no longer dares to go to the store if they are not sure whether you have the product in stock.

But what makes this system so unique? Automating communication and collaboration.


Automate communication and collaboration

PrismaNote is specifically developed for our industry and works 100% online. This allows us to collectively evaporate work and speed up communication. However, you do keep a grip on your own processes. For example, you never share your customers’ data!


Product Database

But every party works in the same product database. There are currently more than 100,000 products in this. You can add this to your own cash register and webshop with one click. If your supplier or another jeweler uses a product there, it is also immediately available for you. Is general information such as cabinet color changed and approved? This is immediately changed for each user.

Own data, such as purchase prices, stock and sales prices are protected. This saves every retailer a huge amount of time and the industry protects itself from large parties such as Amazon and Bol. Users are played against each other on these platforms. Margins are falling and commissions are asked if you sell something.


Providing service

Providing good service will play an increasingly important role for jewelers. But you probably know the feeling when you have to call a supplier to ask about the status of a repair or order. A time-consuming job that can be solved with a transparent system. With PrismaNote the supplier can react in his system and update the status. This is immediately visible with the specific repair in your system. This way, every employee knows immediately how things are going. Feel free to log in at to see the system itself.

In addition, we are currently working on a new functionality on the website. This allows the consumer to submit a repair or request. This is then directly in your system and you only have to consult with the customer. The customer knows so immediately that he has come to the right place and you save time with entering.


Do marketing jointly

But why would a supplier want to participate? Because with this they save time and can better serve the jeweler. However, PrismaNote also has marketing advantages for both the supplier and jeweler.

Online marketing is the most effective, but how does a brand use it without going beyond the jeweler? With PrismaNote a ‘dynamic landing page’ is created for every promotion. Does someone from Groningen click on the advertisement and will he come to this page? Then he sees the registered jeweler from Groningen. However, an interested person from Tiel sees a completely different jeweler. In this way the supplier can promote his brand nationwide and the jeweler gets the visitors. You can do online marketing for free without needing knowledge of advertising.


Doing purchasing

What is the status of your inventory? Purchasing is difficult. How do you know if you have a product in the store that resells well? A high stock and a low turnover rate also jeopardize the continuity of your jewelry store. There are few opportunities to innovate, because all the power is in things.

Technically, it is also possible with PrismaNote to have the stock of a brand arranged by your representative. You set a maximum amount and the representative can get started. You may also provide the supplier with insight into sales and stock, so that he can take back products flexibly and deliver bestsellers. For the time being, this latter advantage is a functionality that will not work properly until the end of 2019.


The jear 2025

As you can read, many parts are already working and much is still possible. Everything can also be realized thanks to the new system architecture. What do you think 2025 looks like? The world is becoming increasingly transparent. Consumers are increasingly buying on their smartphone and from abroad. By standing shoulder to shoulder, the local retailer can make a difference. Participate and create a free account at

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