Easy repair system
for jewelers.

software repair system jeweler watches jewelry

Repair system for watches & jewelry

Repair processing is an essential part of the jewelry store. Watches and jewelry are service-sensitive products. That’s why with this complete repair system you get a grip on the entire process. It works fully integrated with the cash register and website, so you can use it easily. Moreover, it works 100% online, so you can also process repairs on mobile and tablet.

cloud cash register software system jewelers

Perfectly handle repairs.

cloud cash register software system jewelers

On any device.

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Just as easy as selling products.

Integrated repair system

The repairs software is fully integrated into the cash register. So you sell a service as easily as a product. Everything is stored in a clear overview, in which you can search and filter.

In addition, you can charge a standard product for simple services, such as replacing a battery or push pin. This is especially interesting for services that can be solved immediately. In PrismaNote this is called a polar article. This way you save even more time with the registration. However, we recommend using the extensive repair system for most services. You can also use it to add important data when registering, such as the number of the bag or product material. There is also the possibility to pay for the repair immediately, to make a down payment or to pay when you pick it up.

Repair software jeweler system watch jewelry

Jeweler repair system with overview

As a jeweler or goldsmith you want clarity about the status of services. That is why you will find everything in a clear overview. Here you can filter by product category, material, supplier and date. You can also filter based on the status. That way you know exactly what is best to do. In this repair system you can find every repair on any desired device. In addition, every change is immediately visible to all users.

software repair system jeweler watches jewelry

Repair software that informs everyone

You can easily email the receipt to customers after registration. In that way you efficiently collect more customer data. That is important for good marketing. You can also easily inform the customer when the watch or piece of jewelry is ready to be picked up.

But this repair software has more benefits. A separate page is created for each service, on which all information can be found. This way, every employee knows what the status is. For example, was the product sent to the supplier? Have parts been ordered or is the watchmaker working on it? By having an insight into everything, you already save a lot of time and energy.

In addition, it is also visible which employee helped the customer or changed the status. In this way you as an entrepreneur can focus better on fast service, quality and high customer-friendliness.