Work in one system and collect all information flows from the POS, website, CRM and marketing in one place.

George van Ekeren

Complete Jewellery Software

PrismaNote offers jewelers everything to be successful with their business.
An environment that helps you optimize your business. Today and in the future.

Cash Register


Work flexible in the store with an easy check out on pc, tablet and smartphone.


An easy repair system for jewellers. The employee, supplier and customer remains informed.

Gift card

Sell ​​gift cards and let customers pay with them to increase their loyalty.


Sell ​​a product that is not in stock and automatically place it on a purchase order from the supplier.

Gold purchasing

Gold can be purchased through the cash register. The gold stock can be managed via statistics.

Staff members

Hide certain functions and overviews and set a PIN code for different people.

Quotation & concepts

Save transactions as a concept or make an attractive offer.

Quick selection

Easily sell ‘simple’ products or sell based on article group instead of an actual product.

Inventory management

Fast booking

Easily process incoming goods, print labels and keep track of stock changes. Using EDI is also simple.

Shared database

Add products with one click from the product database with 200,000+ products. Complete with photo and information.

Smart purchasing

Based on minimal stock, automatically upon a sale and based on statistics from the industry.


Learn from the results to grow. Get clear overviews per article group.



Easily create your own website with texts and images from brands.

Online showroom

Automatically show what is in stock. Products from suppliers or multiple stores are also shown in 1 minute.

Extension of the store

Let people put a repair in the system or easily activate the route to the store.


Start your own webshop quickly and easily. It is standard connected to the cash register.


Customer profiles

Get a clear overview of customers and easily collect data such as e-mail.

Saving points

Build a loyal clientele with saving points and the loyalty program.

Marketing content

Download and use images of the brands that are sold in your store.

Shared pages

Join the marketing campaigns of suppliers.

Experience all the solutions that jewelers need.

Quick start

This jewellery software works easily. It is logging in and using it directly (try for free). Your current cash register is imported in a few hours, so that you continue with all existing customers, stock and transactions. The website is also created easily and the printer and pin terminal can be linked quickly.

Save time

All components fitting together seamlessly, saving you a lot of time. Thanks to the central database, information is shared and making it easy to process new products. Often you do not have to add a photo or further information and it is directly shown on the website. The jeweler can focus on what he is good at.

Save costs

This is specially developed for the jewelery industry, so half solutions and expensive customization are a thing of the past. For example the standard integration with suppliers and a link between cash register and website. You can also easily maintain the website yourself without knowledge of coding or have it maintained. In that way you can invest more in the customer.

Increase sales

Good online findability and being more active with marketing, results in a higher turnover. Our jewellery software helps with this. Closer cooperation with suppliers and saving time on processes that every jeweler has to do (such as purchasing) also ensures better inventory management.

Jewellery Software

Get the full architecture

Most software focuses on one component, such as a cash register, website or planning. As a result, the jeweler cannot yet fully automate or needs expensive tailor-made solutions to connect all processes to each other. Moreover, you continue to invest to stay up-to-date. Important branch data is also missed, so that the jeweler cannot make the same good decisions as the big retailers.


That is why the jeweler has acces to all these important parts with this jewellery software. The jeweler’s route to success is to get a grip on the whole.


Business processes  – systems, tools, statistics

Business disciplines – marketing, sales, inventory

Business principles –  strategy, concept, frameworks, collaboration

Industry data – product information, marketing content, benchmarking

1. Industry data

Data is an important basis for making good decisions, serving customers, marketing and choosing direction. That is why every jeweller (and supplier) works in the same product database. Every user has access to the enormous amount of information from their brands. Moreover, all information from the jewelery industry is collected in one place. That forms the strong foundation for every jewelry store.

productkoppeling webshop kassa

2. Principles

General data only becomes valuable if you combine it with your own data. In PrismaNote, every jeweler accurately develops his own strategy based on reality. This way you get recommendations from the supplier, which products are interesting to buy based on your customer data, search results and sales from the supplier.

Jeweller Software webshop website

3. Disciplines

Take a step in the field of marketing, sales and purchasing every day. In this way you will reduce the stock value (and the risk!), You will respond better to the needs of the customer and you will increase the turnover with good jewellery software.

reparaties verwerking app status

4. Processes

All parts of the system are seamlessly coordinated with each other to save a lot of time and to keep control of the whole. Thanks to the central database, booked articles are also directly on the website with photos and information.


Get access to the jeweller software.

It is only for the jeweler (and his suppliers).

How our method works.


Traditional software suppliers offer a general solution or costly customization.
We offer a complete, affordable system specific to the sector and allow fusion to happen.

Industry-oriented approach

The environment has been developed for the jewelery industry, so you work with like-minded people. We also only program for this sector.

Automates collaboration

Collaboration (and real-time insight) with suppliers on purchase orders, product information and marketing material.

Standardized processes

A complete system with all functions to save a lot of time.

Further development

You always automatically benefit from all new updates.

User-friendliness is paramount

The system is fun, simple and fast. So no expensive training to understand everything.

1 month cancellation period

Do you use the paid version and do you want to quit? Always enjoy 1 month cancellation period.

100% cloud

The system works (as the only one in the industry) completely in the cloud, so you can use the program directly, anywhere without installations.

Grows with your company

In PrismaNote you have multiple stores connected to each other within 1 minute and to one website.

Need more information before creating a free account?

Watch the video below or read more about the cash register, webshop or doing joint marketing.

Discover for yourself how simple it works.